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Monday, 13 May 2013

Opera mobile browser to come pre-installed on Indian Android phones

For a lot of mobile users in India, the
Opera Mini browser is going to be
inescapable thanks to a deal it has
signed with brands such as Lava,
Karbonn, Intex and Celkon. The
software will come pre-installed on
the four companies' Android
smartphones and tablets.
Additionally, Opera has also decided
to shake hands over similar
agreements with Zen and Fly. The
browser will arrive pre-loaded onto
select devices by these
manufacturers as well as on HCL Me
slates, instead of reaching all their
offerings. Amidst all this jostling, a
company that makes itself
conspicuous by its absence is the
very popular Micromax which has a
couple of big releases to boast about.
According to word by the developer
behind one of the world's handiest
browsers, the country boasts of
having the highest number of Mini
users as compared to other parts of
the globe. Facilitated by the rapid
spread of 3G and relatively more
affordable data service plans, it can
be safely said that a larger number of
people have access to the web while
on the move.
So its makes sense for the company
to push its brand into everyone's
faces considering the benefits
offered to end users. The browser is
touted to employ a special technology
in order to compress websites by up
to 90% of their original size, helping
consumers save on data charges.
What's more, in nations where people
are only starting to get familiar with
the idea of staying connected to the
internet at all times, downloading
additional software may not be on the
priority list.
The browser has several features
which users are likely to find very
convenient while surfing the web
through it. First off, it has an Off-Road
mode to let people deal with slow
connections and control data
consumption. A Speed Dial element
exhibits a gallery of tabs containing
users' bookmarks, favorites and
saved pages. A Discover addition
serves news, entertainment and
other content recommendations,
while downloads can be dealt with
smoothly through the start, stop,
save and rename attributes.
It will be interesting to see how this
latest move from Opera plays out in
its favor. One thing that's needed to
practically have all its bases covered
when it comes to Indian OEMs is a
friendly chat with Micromax maybe.

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