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Thursday, 27 June 2013

New smartphone app records things that happened 5 mins ago

new smartphone app that lets you record
around you
five minutes
ago has been
The app - Heard - achieves this seemingly
impossible feat by constantly recording whatever is
going on and keeps it in a state of buffering.
If the user then decides he wants to record
something that has already happened, he can go
into the app and do exactly that, The Sun reported.
And if the user does nothing, then the recordings
are constantly deleted after the five-minute mark.
The app also syncs with social networks so audio
clips can be easily uploaded onto Facebook, or
emailed to pals.
It can run constantly whenever the smartphone is
turned on, but it does have a red banner at the top
of the phone screen to remind the user it is still on.
Heard is available free with 12 seconds' recording
time, or for USD 1.99 for up to 5 minutes in the
Apple store.

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