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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Instagram hit with 'miracle fruit diet' spam

sharing app
reportedly hit
with 'miracle
fruit diet'
spam when
were hacked and photos of fruits were posted.
According to the Fox News, the spam hit the service
in the weekend and along with the food photos a
link to a fake BBC page was also posted promoting
' miracle fruit diet'.
One of the photo descriptions read, 'I saw it on Dr
Oz's show! Link is in my bio #lovemyfollowers
#health', which was clicked on more than 35,000
Instagram spokesperson said that the users
experienced problem when unwanted photos were
posted from their accounts adding that Instagram's
security and spam team quickly took actions to
secure the accounts involved, and the posted
photos were being deleted.
It is unclear if he attack on Twitter with a similar
'miracle diet' is linked to attacks on Instagram.

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