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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

5 killer advantages of rooting your android device: Be a super user

Here in this article we are discussing what are the advantages of
rooting your android smart phone. I hope that you are reading this
article if had already rooted your device or willing to root later.
Anyway there are lot of advantages for a rooted android device than a
normal device. Before explaining that you should understand what is
rooting an android device.

What is rooting an android device?

Simply rooting an android device such as tablets, smartphones is to
attain certain control within Android's subsystem. Rooting is for
overcoming the limitations which had already made by the device
manufacturers for putting some restrictions over the device. Rooting
makes you a super user of your device which you had bought for a high

Advantages and benefits of rooting your android Smart Phone

There are many advantages if you root your android device. Some of
them are mentioned here.

1. Huge Access to Root only Apps
As you know that there are more than 6000000 apps on Google Android
Market. Among these you can't install thousands of apps which needs
Super User permission. One popular app which need Super User
Permission is Link2SD. Link2SD allows users to move apps installed on
device to external SD card which saves the internal memory. Here are
some other popular apps which need device to be rooted.

Keyboard Manager
Titanium Backup
Samba Filesharing
Dual Mount SD Widget

2. Updates
This is the main advantage of rooting your device. All you know that
every year android introduces new updates in their OS. When i am
posting this article their last OS were Jelly Bean. Your Brand New
Smart Phone seems too old if you use an older version of android. Am i

If you make your device rooted you can manually install pirated
version of brand new android OS. I had installed Jelly Bean on my
Galaxy Y successfully.

3. Bloatware
If You became the Super user of your device ( After rooting you are
called super user) , you can manage all of your phones system files
means you can uninstall unwanted inbuilt apps also known as Bloatware
from your device.

This makes your phone clean as well as extra bit of memory space.

4. Overclock Processor
By rooting your device you can overclock your processor. Overclocking
with Custom ROM's results in explosive device performance. One user of
Nexus S had said that he got more speed of 250 % after he rooted and
overclocked the processor. But i didn't getting enough speed after
overclocking my Galaxy Y.

Only one advice to my fellow readers that please do not try to
overclock your device without getting significant proof. It will
result in damage of your brand new Phone.

5. Better Battery Life
The most ever problem facing by all smart phone users are its low
battery life. Rooting your device gave a little bit relief from this
problem. As i mention earlier you can manage all of your apps after
rooting your device. There are lot of unwanted apps installed on your
device, which were eating half portion of your battery charge. By
managing these sucking apps you can achieve more battery life. I don't
think that rooting can perform outstanding magic on your device but
surely earns you few more hours.

Before rooting your device keep in mind that it will break all
manufactures warranty. So think two or three times before breaking up
your device. If any problem persists you can unroot your device.

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