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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Opera Browser gets revamped experience on Android

Opera Mobile for Android has
always been one of the more
interesting web browsers, and that
experience is getting even more
interesting in the latest update.
The mobile browser has been
revamped with a new Holo-based
user interface that looks and feels
absolutely beautiful, and there are
a few new features that might win
users' hearts over other web
Speed Dial is back, of course,
giving users quick and easy access
to their favorite and most visited
websites. Alongside that, a new
Discover section will feed you a list
of top news stories and articles
from a ton of different categories,
including technology, business,
sports, travel, lifestyle, health,
entertainment, world news and
more. You can jump between
topics anytime you want, and you
can customize which topics show
up in the default view using the
settings button.
Opera renamed its turbo feature in
this version, as well. Now called
"off-road," it's the same data-
saving experience we've come to
know and love. Users can enable
off-road mode to have webpages
and images compressed by a
remote server before being
delivered to the users' device. This
can speed up web browsing a bit
and save on bandwidth, with that
last one being especially important
for those on limited data plans.
Finally, Opera now includes a new
unified address bar that will let you
search and enter URLs in the same
place. You can even use a drop
down while entering search terms
to switch between engines like
Google, Amazon, IMDb and more.
It's always fun to check out new
web browsers, so unless Google
Chrome, Firefox, or any other web
browser out there is holding you
hostage at gun point you should at
least give the new version of
Opera a shot in the Google Play
Store for free.

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