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Thursday, 23 January 2014

I Am telling you a Gmail secret . An amazing trick

I Am telling you a Gmail secret . An amazing trick.
Do u know?
You can create multiple user accounts (IDs) on 90%
websites with a single gmail id .
Atleast Every website dont allow you to create more then
one account associate with same email id and you know
it better..
But if you have gmail account then you can create many
accounts on a websites.
Its possible because gmail account don't count dot(.) in
email addresses.
thats means
anyname@gmail. com
and com
both are same email address . Yeah if you send email to .com then it wil go to
anyname@gmail .com
that means if you already have ur account on a website
with yourname@gmail .com
you can create you.rname@gmail .com
but facebook is listed in the 10% websites. it dont allow
this even u use dot.
But 90% websites includin twitter will allow you to signup
so enjoy and keep share.

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