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Monday, 20 May 2013

Jolla unveils first Sailfish OS smartphone with Android apps compatibility

Finland based mobile startup, Jolla,
has unveiled its first smartphone
that runs on the Sailfish OS which
has been developed in-house by
the company.
It's not clear if the company has
announced a name for the phone
but it's using the term "The Other
Half," derived from the phone's
removable back that comes in
different colours, and changing the
cover also changes the phone's
look and feel inline with its colour.
The phone is priced at 399 Euros.
The phone features a 4.5-inch
display and will be powered by a
dual-core processor. It will sport an
8-megapixel camera with auto-
focus and will offer 16GB of
internal storage expandable via
microSD card. The phone is
"Android app compliant" which
indicates that it will be capable of
running Android apps though it's
not clear at this stage if it will
directly support them or require
developers to port them similar to
how they work with BlackBerry 10.
The phone will also feature 4G LTE
As we mentioned, the phone runs
the gesture-based Sailfish OS
which is based on MeeGo which
received acclaim when it launched
on Nokia's N9 smartphone.
However, Nokia abandoned MeeGo
and chose Windows Phone as the
future OS platform for its
smartphones, following which a
group of employees of Nokia's
MeeGo unit left the company to
start Jolla and work on their own
Jolla targets to ship the
smartphone by end of 2013 and
has introduced a Kickstarter-like
'Movement' in which people can
participate by pre-ordering the
phone. This will also be used by
the company to gauge the
response to its offering so that it
can decide if there is demand for
it. One can opt for a zero-cost pre-
order option to reserve the phone
when it launches, or pay 40 Euros
for a limited edition phone and a t-
shirt along with assured priority
status. One can also pay 100 Euros
and get all the goodies along with
an extra back cover and 100 Euros
off on the total price.
The number of countries where
the phone will be shipped will be
disclosed later and the 399 Euros
price only includes VAT in Europe,
so shipping costs, local taxes and
duties will be extra.
More details will be revealed by
the company later in the day when
it officially announces the phone.

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